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In resistance to commercial gangsta rap, Speed Walton’s performance of shrewd and cultured rhymes maintains golden-era techniques while carving a creative outlet for the succeeding hip-hop generation. Hailed by his peers as a “rapper’s rapper”, Speed has reinforced underground hip-hop with his eccentric lyricism and versatile flows.

Speed Walton was raised in a full house of family in Cincinnati, Ohio Speed’s earliest recordings told stories and demonstrated wordplay with a clever mix of hip hop, indie rock, and live instrumentation Also drawing inspiration from artists such as Andre 3000, Q-Tip, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Nas, Talib Kweli and Jay-z. Speed’s enhanced his skills to exude a smart and stylish sensibility. He ultimately developed a niche for pairing eclectic samples with amusing and conscious rhyme schemes.


Always finding ways to expand his repertoire, Speed helped formed a hip-hop fusion band in 2009 named Gold Shoes, in which he leads vocals. The band also consist of a guitarist, singer, bassist, synth and keyboardist, and drummer. Gold Shoes incorporates indie-rock, jazz, and electronic dance styles with Speed’s rhapsodic lyrics and suave syncopations. The band released “The Gold Shoes LP” in April 2012, which yielded a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best hip-hop album of the year From City Beat in 2013. Gold Shoes’ devoted fan base and Speed Walton’s proficiency in social media promoting landed them opening gigs for the likes of John Mayer, Wiz Khalifa, The Black Keys, Kings of Leonand Walk the Moon’s album release show.

Continuing his masterpieces of mixtapes throughout the years, Speed Walton dropped Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet in late 2014, fulfilling his promise to thrill listeners with masterful beats and game-changing revelations. Garnering the respect he deserves, it landed him a joint venture deal with Talib Kweli’s Javotti Media late 2015 and we expect nothing but great things coming from the collaborative effort.  Thanks to his super fans dubbed “Space Invadaz” Speed is also continues to reign over Cincinnati with 2017 being his fifth consecutive year receiving the accolades of Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best hip-hop artist. Space Invadaz is actually what inspired his collaborative project with Donte the Gr8 from the legendary hip hop group MOOD and in 2018 we can look forward to full studio album coming from the duo.

Speed Walton has put in the work and now we get to see, hear and feel the energy that he brings to the Universe. we are looking forward to his next solo release “Real Name SPEED” With his brilliant lyrical techniques and appreciation for various styles of music, Speed Walton is adamant that his music will reach new heights in engaging and inspiring diverse music lovers all over the Galaxxy. 

Black Mozart - Speed
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